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STEEP is always looking for outstanding prospective students for PhD positions and internships. Postdoctoral Researcher positions are also regularly available. If you would like to join us, do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • M2 Internship: Characterizing the metabolism of French agricultural sectors (national and regional scales): a fund/flow analysis

    1 March 2023

    Socio-economic metabolism refers to the self-reproduction and evolution of the biophysical structures of human societies. It includes...

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  • Brouillon créé le 14 March 2023 à 14h30

    13 February 2023

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  • (Français) Stage M2 : Analyse de trajectoire et optimisation des scénarios du modèle dynamique de risques systémiques globaux World3

    1 May 2022

    (Français) Le but de ce stage est de tenter de répondre à la question suivante : quelle...

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  • (Français) Stage M2 : Dépendances technologiques

    1 March 2022

    (Français) L’objectif de ce stage est de développer une méthode d’analyse de scénarios de systèmes de production et...

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  • (Français) Stage M2 : Empreintes énergétiques et environnementales des filières agricoles aux échelles France et régions

    1 March 2022

    (Français) Le stage se base sur des travaux récents ayant permis d’estimer les bilans matière des filières...

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  • (Français) Stage M2 : Assessing the credibility of energy transition scenarios up to 2050 inregard to energy, material and environmental combined constraints?

    1 March 2021

    (Français) The world is at the dawn of a possible energy transition unprecedented in the history of...

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  • Master internship: systemic assessment of a territory


    16 January 2021

    Il faut évaluer les flux d'entrée et de sortie de ces territoires dans tous les domaines nécessaires...

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  • M2 internship: Multi-scale relocation issues

    12 January 2021

    Lopez-Ridaura et al (2005) propose a formal framework, based on linear programming, for analyzing trade-offs on multi-scale...

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  • M2 internship: MFA of agricultural sectors France and regions

    1 January 2021

    The internship aims to contribute to the realization of Material Flow Analyses (MFA) of agricultural commodity chains...

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  • Master 1 internship: Addition of a satellite data visualization module to the urban-sprawl platform

    17 January 2020

    The goal of this internship is to define and prototype a new functionality to the platform, in...

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PhD subjects

  • (Français) Évaluation environnementale absolue des activités sociotechniques d’un territoire au regard du concept de Limites Planétaires

    1 January 2022

    (Français) L’objectif de la thèse est de concevoir une méthode d’évaluation de la durabilité environnementale absolue (au...

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  • Relocation of productive activities: multi-scale modeling based on graphs and constraints

    1 September 2021

    The objective of this thesis is to provide a scientific framework to the debates on the choice...

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  • (Français) Analyse systémique des scénarios de transition énergétique sous contrainte de flux de ressources : risques et faisabilité

    1 May 2021

    (Français) L’objectif de la thèse proposée est d’explorer les questions des enjeux croisés matériels, énergétiques et socio-économiques...

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  • Design and evaluation of sustainable socio-technical systems on the basis of physical accounting

    1 January 2020

    Faced with the need to reduce the environmental footprint of our companies, several non-exclusive strategies can be...

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  • Methodology for the design and evaluation of socio-technical alternatives

    1 January 2020

    The environmental pressures exerted by human activities on the environment are leading to profound changes in the...

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  • Re-design of sustainable and territorialized production systems — cross-fertilization of territorial ecology and political economy

    1 January 2020

    In order to adapt to ongoing global changes, in particular climate change or loss of biodiversity, the...

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  • Cascading failures and contagion collapse pathways in a globalized world

    Interconnexion des risques systémiques globaux

    1 January 2020

    Modern societies are characterized by a very high level of global interconnections between many sectors of economic...

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  • Robustness and validity of dynamic global systemic risk models

    1 January 2019

    The question of the limits to growth of our modern societies was first raised on a large...

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  • Towards a coherent theory of statistical land use change models

    Changement d"usage des sols en France

    1 January 2019

    Changes in land use and land cover are one of the main drivers of global change. As...

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  • Socio-ecological issues, territorial metabolism, wealth creation: application to the Maurienne Valley

    1 January 2016

    This thesis work aims to analyse the socio-ecological issues of human wealth-creating activities through the coupling of...

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