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STEEP (Sustainability, Transition, Environment, biophysical Economics and local Policies) is an interdisciplinary research team dedicated to systemic modeling and simulation of the interactions between environmental, economic and social factors. Our aim is to better understand the biophysical trajectories and sociotechnical alternatives of our societies.


Our missions

To develop participatory decision-making tools to support the actors of the territories in the implementation of this transition. Our research activities are divided into two related axes: one axis dealing with the modeling of global systemic risks and one axis dealing with the modeling of sociotechnical alternatives.

To train as many people as possible in our research activities, for this purpose we carry out seminars, conferences as well as courses.
We also produce videos of our conferences or interviews.



“Understanding & Acting” Conferences

  • video vignette

    Technologies and health: What trade-offs between ethics, environment and climate? Reflective analysis and field experience (in French)

    Valérie D'Acremont

    27 September 2021

  • video vignette

    Conference-debate between Gaël Giraud, Olivier Vidal and Pierre-Yves Longaretti on their visions of risks and stakes for the next 20 years of change (in French)

    Gaël Giraud, Olivier Vidal et Pierre-Yves Longaretti

    3 September 2021

  • video vignette

    New Powers in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Who will rule the world in the 21st century? (in French)

    Asma Mhalla

    23 October 2020

  • video vignette

    Thought and practice of action (in French)

    Cécile Renouard

    8 October 2020

  • video vignette

    Finances: firefighters of the collapses? (in French)

    Denis Dupré

    23 January 2020

  • video vignette

    Finance: arsonist of the collapses? (in French)

    Denis Dupré

    5 December 2019

  • video vignette

    Rôle des imaginaires dans les basculements sociopolitiques (in French)

    Sophie Wahnich

    24 September 2019

  • video vignette

    "Environmental" issues and blockages to action (in French)

    Peter Sturm

    4 July 2019

  • video vignette

    When the Whites wanted to preserve the planet. A History of Geopower, 1865-1914 (in French)

    Christophe Bonneuil

    13 June 2019

  • video vignette

    Is the risk of blackout real? (in French)

    Grégoire Chambaz

    16 May 2019

  • video vignette

    Raw Materials / Energy and Energy Transition: Excerpts from the Debate (in French)

    Olivier Vidal

    11 April 2019

  • video vignette

    Raw materials / energy and energy transition (in French)

    Olivier Vidal

    11 April 2019

  • video vignette

    Digital technology: threat or hope for the environment? (in French)

    Françoise Berthoud

    15 November 2018

  • video vignette

    Rethinking Nuclear Choices: Security and Democracy (in French)

    Benoît Pelopidas

    9 October 2018

  • video vignette

    Seeds and plant varieties: what new challenges for global governance? (in French)

    Frédéric Thomas

    12 June 2018

  • video vignette

    Can finance save the climate? (in French)

    Alain Grandjean

    26 March 2018

  • video vignette

    Undo the world? A program for the Anthropocene (in French)

    Alexandre Monnin et Diego Landivar

    15 February 2018

  • video vignette

    Can the "commons" movement reactivate democracy? (in French)

    Christian Laval

    30 November 2017

  • video vignette

    The contemporary democratic question: how to get out of the dead end? (in French)

    Loic Blondiaux

    16 October 2017

  • video vignette

    What alternative to the "crisis of representation"? (in French)

    Jean-Paul Jouary

    8 June 2017

  • video vignette

    Why and how to recognize the currency as a common? (in French)

    Jean-Michel Servet

    4 May 2017

  • video vignette

    Environment, economy, collapse: squaring the circle? (in French)

    Pierre-Yves Longaretti

    9 March 2017

  • video vignette

    Understanding society collapses. What future for ours? (in French subtitled in English)

    Emmanuel Prados

    9 February 2017

  • video vignette

    Reinventing Agriculture and Food of the 21st Century (in French)

    Gilles Billen

    28 June 2016

  • video vignette

    The permanent crisis (in French)

    Marc Chesney

    8 April 2016

  • video vignette

    Act fast and better: What needs to change? (in French)

    Denis Dupré

    11 February 2016

  • video vignette

    Feeding 9 billion people healthily: possible or impossible? (in French)

    Denis Dupré

    14 January 2016

  • video vignette

    Limiting climate change ... Why can't we do it? (in French)

    Denis Dupré

    17 December 2015

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Our news

  • Anthropocene FACTS

    Pierre-Yves Longaretti, Guillaume Mandil, Emmanuel Prados

    2022 - [Undefined date]

    "Anthropocene FACTS" aims to produce educational content at university level and for the general public on the...

    More info
  • Archipel 2022 conference

    Serge Fenet, Mathieu Mangeot, Emmanuel Prados

    June 2022 - [Undefined date]

    Systemic risks, their causes and consequences, are still poorly assessed, little understood, and even less controlled. The...

    More info
  • Can ecological accounting enable the emergence of an economy that respects the biosphere boundaries?

    Clément Feger

    Clément Féger

    3 May 2022

    The idea of having to rapidly transform our economic system and our modes of collective organization to...

    More info
  • (Français) "It's politics, stupid!" Sur les quelques mécanismes politiques ayant mené au chaos climatique et environnemental (1970-2030)

    Christophe bouillaud

    7 April 2022

    (Français) Face aux alertes environnementales globales depuis le début des années 1970, l'absence de réactions vraiment significatives...

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  • (Français) Responsabilité de la recherche dans le récit de notre histoire sociale ; exemple de la sécurité sociale -- Bernard Friot

    Bernard Friot

    30 November 2021

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