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Our Research Projects

  • Anthropocene FACTS

    Pierre-Yves Longaretti, Guillaume Mandil, Emmanuel Prados

    2022 - [Undefined date]

    "Anthropocene FACTS" aims to produce educational content at university level and for the general public on the...

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  • SysPart : systemic and participatory analysis of metropolises

    Nils Ferrand et Mathieu Mangeot

    2021 - [Undefined date]

    Supporting your participatory programs for citizen-supported ecological and technical transitions

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  • AEx RSG : Global Systemic Risks

    Pierre-Yves Longaretti

    2020 - 2024

    The objective of this project is to develop methodologies and tools for estimating global systemic risks, as...

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  • Archipel 2022 conference

    Serge Fenet, Mathieu Mangeot, Emmanuel Prados

    June 2022 - [Undefined date]

    Systemic risks, their causes and consequences, are still poorly assessed, little understood, and even less controlled. The...

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  • SCALABLE: Metabolism of biomasses of agricultural origin

    Jean-Yves Courtonne

    February 2021 - January 2024

    SCALABLE is interested in biomasses of agricultural origin, at the different stages of the processing chain from...

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