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Archipel 2022 conference

Global systemic risks, trajectories and transdisciplinary levers for action

Scientific Conference – June 20-23, 2022, Grenoble

In the context of current global degradations, whether environmental, ecosystemic, climatic, social or political, our human societies are confronted with ever more pressing issues, constituting what is now commonly called the Anthropocene transition. These major changes, if they fully materialize, will commit our societies to trajectories of brutal transitions and potential collapses on various scales.

Systemic risks, their causes and consequences, are still poorly assessed, little understood, and even less controlled. The current context of research organization is partly responsible for this because it is not conducive to the emergence of systemic issues. We therefore propose to form an established scientific community focused on these issues. Many of you have been calling for this for several years.

The Archipel 2022 conference « Systemic risks, trajectories and levers for action » is a first step. Its goal is to constitute a transdisciplinary scientific collective that will allow the emergence of questions, salient points, frameworks of thought, methods and tools that will allow us to deal with systemic risks, and more globally with the future of our societies. The objective of this conference is to initiate a collaborative work aiming at:

Registration for the Archipel 2022 conference is open to everyone and is mandatory for anyone participating and having an accepted submission. However, we stress the fact that the language of the conference is French.