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"Understanding & Acting" conference

Can the “commons” movement reactivate democracy?

Lecture by Christian Laval, professor of sociology at the University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense.

Christian Laval is the author of numerous books on economics, the commons and democracy.
In particular, he is co-author with Pierre Dardot of "Commun, Essai sur la révolution au XXIe siècle" and "Ce cauchemar qui n'en finit pas, Comment le néolibéralisme défait la démocratie" published by La Découverte in 2014 and 2016.

Abstract: Alterglobalism and political ecology are opposed to the generalized appropriation of spaces, resources and knowledge. The fights for "real democracy", all over the world, denounce the confiscation of political institutions by partial, administrative and economic oligarchies. There is a conjunction between resistance to predatory capitalism, criticism of oligarchic and authoritarian political forms and the construction of concrete alternatives. Social and ecological struggles are increasingly inseparable from collective research and experimentation with the "commons". What do we mean by the concept of "commons", a term derived from the long history of customary practices, and how does it allow us today to reinvent truly democratic institutions?