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"Understanding & Acting" conference

Environment, economy, collapse: squaring the circle?

Lecture by Pierre-Yves Longaretti, researcher at CNRS (IPAG/UGA) and member of
the STEEP team (Sustainability, Territories, Environment, Economy and Politics), INRIA/LJK.

At a time when the Western model of economic development is spreading to the whole planet, it is more and more obvious that it is the main factor contributing to the destruction of our environment. In fact, the dominant neoclassical paradigm, in its neo- or ultra-liberal form, is highly criticized both socially and environmentally. However, while it is clear that maintaining the status quo is very favorable to the international economic and financial sphere, the neoclassical paradigm was the subject of a relatively broad consensus in Western countries during a significant part of the 20th century.
Why has the search for growth become the alpha and omega of public policy? Why has the dominant paradigm become an engine of environmental and societal collapse? How does it survive in a context of accelerated degradation? Are alternatives possible?
The conference will address some aspects of these questions.

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