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"Understanding & Acting" conference

Undo the world? A program for the Anthropocene

Alexandre Monnin
Diego Landivar

Conference by Alexandre Monnin & Diego Landivar.

Alexandre Monnin is a philosopher and Scientific Director of Origens Media Lab. His work focuses, among other things, on the Anthropocene and the end of the digital era, and the question of cooperation and commonality. He is the founder of the "Web We Can Afford" Community Group within the W3C. He was a researcher at Inria between 2014 and 2017. Diego Landivar is Director and co-founder of Origens Media Lab.

Abstract: With the Anthropocene, the prospects of collapse multiply. Beyond the diagnosis, the question of the action that is appropriate in such a context arises. What to do in the face of such a perspective? How, in particular, how can we rethink the place and goals of research? To answer these questions, we have launched the Closing Worlds initiative. Beyond innovation at all costs, but also degrowth - which the collapse is putting into crisis - we are proposing a program designed to provide a practical answer to the question "how do we land? ».

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