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"Understanding & Acting" conference

Understanding society collapses. What future for ours?

Lecture by Emmanuel Prados, Researcher at INRIA, head of the STEEP team (Sustainability, Territories, Environment, Economy and Politics)

Financial crisis, debt crisis, economic crisis, monetary crisis, political crisis, democratic crisis, social crisis, environmental crisis, refugee crisis, geopolitical tensions etc. This accumulation of "crises" can raise questions.
Are we dealing with a passing succession or combination of crises linked to a global redistribution of the cards, or is it due to even deeper phenomena such as the collapse of society?
While the very idea of such a collapse has always been somewhat taboo and its evocation in public debate often denigrated, we believe that it may be justified, even clairvoyant, to reconsider it today.
In order, therefore, to better understand these phenomena and make them more palpable, we will first of all rely on scientific analyses that describe the mechanisms at play. We will then approach historical studies that make these phenomena more plausible.
We will then examine the current situation of our contemporary society. Does it verify the characteristics that can lead to a collapse?
Are things inevitable? Should we and can we act?

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