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"Understanding & Acting" conference

The permanent crisis

Lecture by Marc Chesney, Director of the Institute of "Banking and Finance" at the University of Zurich (UZH), Professor of Finance. Previously Associate Dean at the HEC Group in Paris.
Author in 2015 of the book "From the Great War to the Permanent Crisis".

This conference addresses the issue of the crisis. Marc Chesney will analyze the historical trajectory that led to the rise of the financial aristocracy, its seizure of power and the failure of democracy. Today's problems cannot be reduced to technical issues or the trough of a business cycle. No, this ongoing financial crisis is the result of a crisis of democracy, a crisis of values, coupled with an enslavement of the elites. From an economic, social and environmental point of view, the situation continues to deteriorate. In this context, what are the remedies, what are the measures that citizens should actively support? Solutions that place people at the heart of society and put the financial sector at the service of the economy will be presented and discussed.