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PhD student since January 2022 in the STEEP team of INRIA (Grenoble) and the TITA group (Taller de Investigaciones Territoriales y Ambientales) based in Seville.
Thesis title: “Methodology for the evaluation of environmental pressures of socio-technical activities of a sub-national territory, for an absolute environmental sustainability of the Earth System”.
Supervision: Vincent Acary (INRIA); Gwendoline de Oliveira Neves (TITA); Guillaume Mandil (STEEP); Jean-Yves Courtonne (TITA).
Funding partners: ADEME (Thèse ADEME 2021); France Urbaine; France Ville Durable.
Based on the concept of “Planetary Boundaries” (Rockström et al. 2009, Steffen et al. 2015) and situated between cartographic and numerical analysis, this thesis aims to establish and model environmental criteria related to human activities that will allow to finely enlighten the actors of a sub-national territory on the environmental pressures of their activities, in a multiscalar and trans-territorial way. This is to help them in the reflection and creation of Socio-Technical Alternatives adapted to their territory to effectively reduce their environmental pressures.
Related questions:
– How to territorialize planetary limits at scales that are prehensile to sub-national territories?
– How to prioritize environmental issues for a sub-national territory allowing local actors to effectively orient their activities?
Contact: damien.rieutor[at]univ-grenoble-alpes.fr

Damien Rieutor