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Alexandre Borthomieu

Alexandre Borthomieu is a PhD student since October 2020 in the STEEP team at the National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (INRIA). He is attached to the MSTII (Mathematics, Information Science and Technology, Computer Science) doctoral school and the Jean Kuntzmann Laboratory at the University of Grenoble Alpes, and is supervised by Peter Sturm and Vincent Jost (G-SCOP). His research focuses on the design of sustainable sociotechnical systems. To design these systems, he uses physical accounting of the flows inherent to the systems. More precisely, he seeks to merge physical expertises of different production chains in order to realize a complete quantitative diagnosis of these systems. He also continues the work of Jean-Yves Courtonne on the reconciliation of data when the expertises are missing or imprecise. Finally, he is also trying to develop a methodology to detect possible errors in the data or unfeasible situations that would indicate a poorly performed modeling of a system.

In a second step, his work will focus on the evaluation of these alternative sustainable sociotechnical systems. Indeed, it will be a question of identifying a certain number of criteria that will qualify the term sustainability. Once these criteria are decided and quantified, we will be able to evaluate the sustainability of an alternative system and to compare them with each other.

These researches will notably call upon concepts of constrained optimization that his Master’s degree in Operational Research, Combinatorics and Optimizations (ORCO) at Grenoble Alpes University allowed him to explore.


Keywords: Optimization, Economics, Environmental accounting



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